It is with great pleasure that we received the first pictures, showing that in our DRINKING WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM SER VILLAGE / NANGA PARBAT the water pipes have now reached the houses.

From now on, drinking water flows up to the houses!

A great relief for the women of the village, who had to walk up- and downhill for 2-3 hours a day in all weathers to fill the jugs at the source about 500 meters above the village and carry them to the houses.

The efforts of the last few weeks, the elaborate transport of all materials from ISLAMABAD via the KARAKORUM HIGHWAY to BUNER DASS, with jeeps over the jeep path to DIMROI and finally on foot over the exposed, dangerous mountain path to the SER VILLAGE have paid off.

Our friend Liver Khan wrote:

… It was a fantastic feeling to see how happy the people and the children were celebrating, even more the woman, because they mostly carry the water from a long distance. ……

Many thanks to all those involved for the planning, the organization and the hard work done.

The Project Manager Saad Asif and his team for careful planning, the very time-consuming, not harmless fact-finding missions, the organization of the realization of the project, the Local Coordinator Liver Khan for his expert advice and his helpful problem- and conflict resolution, the men of the SER VILLAGE for the weeks of hard work.

Above all, however, we should like to thank the partners in France.

Paris-based Pakistani mountaineer Shamyl Sharafat Ali, who is i.e. involved in the organisation of rescue operations, had revealed the sad story of Tomasz Mackiewicz’s death at NANGA PARBAT and his desire to provide drinking water to SER VILLAGE at a meeting in ISLAMABAD in August last year. Because he was informed by friends what we are doing in PAKISTAN, he had asked us if PAKISTAN-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. could take over the realization of the project.

After we had agreed, Shamyl made contact with Elisabeth Revol (Tomacz’s surviving partner on the ascent of NANGA PARBAT), Gérard Clermidy (President of the aid organization ‘Montagne et Partage’ as main sponsor) and Luc Boisnard (President ‘HIMALAYAN CLEAN UP’ and sponsor).

PAKISTAN-Hilfe zur Selbshilfe e.V. developed the concept for the project, won the partners in PAKISTAN, and prepared a Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed by the project partners in July 2020.

In August 2020, the first exploration was carried out on site – and now since the beginning of December 2020 drinking water is flowing to the houses.

Tomacz’s wish is fulfilled!

As soon as the developments around Covid 19 allow, Tomacz’s widow Anna, and all those involved in the project plan to put on a plaque in the SER VILLAGE in memory of Tomacz and share with the people in the village the joy of the realized project.